Rain Gauge

The Rain Gauge Network is a group of dedicated volunteers that record precipitation on a daily basis throughout the month. The reports are sent to the State Climatology office in St. Paul and the statistics become part of the statewide precipitation archive. Their efforts are an important public service and are appreciated by the SWCD and the State Climatology office. The rain season is from April through October and a few volunteers read all year and record snowfall as well.

If you’re interested in participating in the program, please contact Jillian Kuduk from our office.

Monthly Precipitation Maps
Monthly Precipitation Charts
Rain Gauge Network Report - April 2023
Average Total Charts - April
Rain Gauge Network Report - May 2023
Average Total Charts - May
Rain Gauge Network Report - June 2023
Average Total Charts - June
Rain Gauge Network Report - July 2023
Average Total Charts - July
Rain Gauge Network Report - August 2023
Average Total Charts - August
Rain Gauge Network Report - September 2023
Average Total Charts - September
Rain Gauge Network Report - October 2023
Average Total Charts - October
Average Total Charts - October
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