Equipment Rentals

Brillion Drill: 

The SWCD offers county residents the option to rent a 12′ Brillion Drill pull seeder. This drill requires a minimum of 40-50 horsepower to use along with a hydraulic lift/lever. The area also needs to be tilled prior to planting. Many Blue Earth County residents have used this drill to plant prairies, lawns, and alfalfa and it works for any grass or forbe seeds.

Rental Information:

Landowners are allowed to rent the drill for $8.00/acre with a $25.00 minimum fee.

Delivery and pick-up is done by the SWCD staff due to the size of the drill for a fee of $40.00

Cancellation of a reservation must be made no later than 48 hours before a scheduled delivery. A minimum charge of $25.00 will be assessed for cancellation after this time. No notification will result in a $50.00 charge.

Tree Planter:

The SWCD offers the use of a tree planter to Blue Earth County residents. There is no rental fee to use the tree planter.


The SWCD offers the use of a Bag-A-Nut to easily pick up acorns and walnuts. A Bag-A-Nut allows you to pick up many of these nuisance nuts across your yard with ease. There is no fee to use a Bag-A-Nut, please call the SWCD for more information.