Buffer Law

Governor Mark Dayton’s landmark buffer initiative was signed into law in June of 2015, designating an estimated 110,000 acres of land for buffer strips statewide. Buffer strips along waterways will help protect our water resources from erosion and runoff pollution.

What is required by Blue Earth County residents?
Important Dates:
  • On public waters, buffers need to be installed by November 1, 2017
  • On public ditches, buffers need to be installed by November 1, 2018
DNR Maps
  • The Minnesota DNR released the map of public waters and public ditches requiring permanent vegetative buffers or alternative water quality practices.
  • View the Minnesota Buffer Map.
Establishing your Buffer: Program Availability 

The 2015 Buffer Initiative relies on long-standing federal, state, and local programs to provide financial and technical support to landowners. Local governments such as the Blue Earth County SWCD and Blue Earth County are able to provide technical assistance and provide conservation planning to identify your options.

Buffer Law Frequently Asked Questions

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