Outstanding Conservationist


SWCD Board Chair Emily Javens, Outstanding Conservationists Jim and Mary Krahling, Tina Warta

The Blue Earth County Soil & Water Conservation District is recognizing Jim Krahling of Krahling Farms as their 2016 Conservationist of the Year. Jim is a 4th generation farmer in his family and operates almost 700 acres. Krahling Farms incorporates conservation into many areas of their operation that includes a strip till/ridge till system and split applying nitrogen fertilizer in 3 separate applications. In addition to tillage and nutrient management, Jim is incorporating cover crops that overwinter into his operation to build soil health, installing alternative tile intakes, and establishing filter strips to reduce phosphorus and sediment loading downstream. Krahling Farms was also one of the first operations in Blue Earth County to become a water quality certified farm through the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program.

Previous Outstanding Conservationists

2015 Outstanding Conservationist: Mike Roll, Crystal Waters Project

2014 Outstanding Conservationist: Roger and Dawn Hubmer

2013 Outstanding Conservationist: Wingen Farms

2012 Outstanding Conservationist: Gary and Faith Borgmeier

2011 Outstanding Conservationist: Steven and Shirley Rose

2010 Outstanding Conservationist: Dale Westphal

Every year the Blue Earth County SWCD chooses to recognize individuals or organizations in the County for outstanding conservation accomplishments through education or project implementation. We want to acknowledge those who help improve Minnesota’s natural resources. Those nominated are honored each year at the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation District (MASWCD) convention in early December.

Do you know an individual or organization who deserves to be called an Outstanding Conservationist? Please send your nominations to Jerad Bach!