Outstanding Conservationist

Bernie Paulson on his farm north of Eagle Lake.

Blue Earth County Farmer and McPherson Crop Management Agronomist, Bernie Paulson is making sure clean water is part of his legacy. Paulson was recently recognized by the Blue Earth County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board as their 2019 Outstanding Conservationist. For almost 20 years, Paulson has farmed with conservation in mind. Through his dedication to conservation, his farm became a Water Quality Certified Farm in 2016.  The MAWQCP is a voluntary program that recognizes farmers and agricultural landowners for adopting or implementing conservation practices that protect Minnesota’s waters. Once certification is in place, farmers or landowners are deemed in compliance with any water quality rules and regulations for 10 years.

Paulson incorporates many conservation practices that focus on improving water quality and soil health, and reducing erosion. Erosion is a huge struggle in Blue Earth County. Paulson enrolled in CRP to implement a wetland restoration project on his farm as well as constructing a water storage pond in coordination with the replacement and upgrade of Judicial Ditch 9. His wetland restoration and water storage projects, along with the use of cover crops, conservation tillage and buffers are vital to water quality. Not only does Paulson understand the importance of slowing down water on the landscape to reduce sediment and nutrient loading, but he also understands the hardship’s farmers can face implementing conservation practices. It’s the reward when conservation is working that makes the difference.

As an Agronomist with McPherson Crop Management, he’s not just trying to sell you on a particular brand of fertilizer or seed, he wants to show clients that conservation works when done correctly. He believes with the right tools and dedication; everyone can have the best of both worlds. They can limit their operation costs, reduce their environmental exposure and still maintain competitive yields. His personal experiences as well as his work at McPherson Crop Management have been a great influence on soil health and water quality in Blue Earth County.

Bernie does an outstanding job of being an excellent steward of the land and water and is eager to provide his support, knowledge, and experiences with others.

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Every year the Blue Earth County SWCD chooses to recognize individuals or organizations in the County for outstanding conservation accomplishments through education or project implementation. We want to acknowledge those who help improve Minnesota’s natural resources. Those nominated are honored each year at the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation District (MASWCD) convention in early December.

Do you know an individual or organization who deserves to be called an Outstanding Conservationist? Please send your nominations to Jerad Bach!