What’s New for 2017:


In 2017, our Spring Tree Order has added a few new items and kept changes made to last

The Ohio Buckeye in Fall

The Ohio Buckeye in Fall

years order that you liked!

Here are the changes for 2017:

  • Addition of Ohio Buckeye, a small bare root tree sold in a bundle of 25 trees. This small tree grows to 25-35 feet tall and has a beautiful orange fall color. The Ohio Buckeye is native to Minnesota and can grow in all soil conditions.
  • The Maple Autumn Blaze will be sold as an individual 4-5 foot tall bare root tree.

What we kept from 2016:

  • The Backyard Bundle will be available again this year! This is a bundle of 25 shrubs/trees for $45.00 and includes the most popular species we sell. The bundle has:
    • Redosier Dogwood,
    • Common Purple Lilac,
    • Red Splendor Crabapple,
    • Sugar Maple, and
    • Black Hills Spruce!
  • Prairie Seed Mixes will be available for your small backyard style native grass plantings. We have a Pollinator Mix, Shortgrass Prairie Mix, and Tallgrass Prairie Mix available – check out the order form for pricing!

2017 Spring Tree Order Form

Tree Description Fact Sheet

Prairie Seed Mix Fact Sheet

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Helpful Information – Trees & Native Grasses


The Blue Earth Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) annually makes available thousands of trees to county landowners. These trees are inexpensive and are of the finest stock from wholesale nurseries. We offer a wide choice of trees and shrubs in bundles of 25 per variety. Lilacs come in bundles of 10 and potted trees are priced per pot.

The Blue Earth SWCD has roughly 25 species of trees, shrubs and conifers to choose from in addition to 3 varieties of Prairie Seed Mixes added to the program in 2016. The tree program was started to promote conservation and help residents create a more beautiful, healthy and ecologically balanced environment. Many of the county’s farmstead and field windbreaks, wildlife habitat plantings, and reforestation efforts have been started as a result of this program. In more recent years, housing developments and community beautification projects have been added to the list of uses under the tree and shrub program.

We encourage all residents to utilize the Tree Program to start or add to their own beautification plans by purchasing stock from the SWCD. Whether you own a city lot and want to plant a privacy hedge line or own a couple of acres and wish to plant a windbreak or shelterbelt our trees will meet all needs. We also offer technical advice on tree plantings for windbreaks and shelterbelts upon request.

How the Program Works:

The program begins in the fall of each year. In 2017, our tree program will be paperless. If you would like to receive an order form in the fall, please ask to be added to our e-mail list. Our trees are sold on a first come first serve basis, if a variety is sold out you will be notified immediately and given the opportunity to either substitute or receive a refund.

Prices and varieties available are indicated on the order form. Payment must accompany your order.

Plan to pick up your trees/shrubs around mid April at the Blue Earth SWCD. You will receive a postcard about two weeks before delivery with the specific pick up information.

You may also want to take advantage of flags to use as tree markers at nominal cost.